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Chiropractic Care

Baku Chiropractic & Functional Medicine Adjusting roomWhen healthy, the human body is self-healing, self-regulating, and self-maintaining. Baku Chiropractic & Functional Medicine proudly offers chiropractic care, a safe, natural health care alternative, to keep your body functioning as it was originally designed.

Chiropractic care may be your long-awaited answer to better health. We look forward to helping you experience the many benefits of chiropractic care!

Symptoms Are Not the Problem

Rather than focusing only on presenting symptoms, chiropractic care is responsible for identifying and correcting the underlying source of pain and discomfort. Symptoms are similar to alarms. They are not the problem, but they tell us there is a problem. They inform us that your brain and your nerves are under stress, which is indicative of interference that is preventing healing from taking place.

By noting your symptoms and going beyond what we can see from the outside, Baku Chiropractic & Functional Medicine is able to ensure the health of your nervous system. When your nervous system is healthy, your brain-to-body communication is restored, and your body can heal properly.

Our Unique Approach

Dr. Baku specializes in several unique chiropractic techniques. These methods allow him to help a broader range of people. Along with Applied Kinesiology, a system of diagnostic muscle testing, he also performs the following:

  • Quantum Neurology – This method of care checks and rehabilitates every major nerve in the body. It combines exercise with infrared light, reducing the effects of neuropathy, loss of sensation or muscle strength, paralysis, lack of coordination, headaches, hearing loss, vertigo, difficulty swallowing, decreased smell or taste, and more.
  • Functional Medicine- To make good, healthy cells, the body must first produce energy. This technique aims to help the body make more energy, which encourages the fast growth of new cells and forces healing.
  • Neuro Emotional Technique – This approach to care evaluates and addresses emotional stress as it relates to overall health. It works to promote ease and happiness through the reduction of poor behavioral patterns.
  • Brain Tap – An in-depth system of analysis, this technique assesses various aspects of health by evaluating and addressing postural and muscular imbalances, neurovascular and neuro-lymphatic points, subluxation, cranial-sacral movement, acupuncture meridians, and nutritional status.


Chiropractic Care | (720) 998-7956

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