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Part 5 - Supercharge Your Day With I'm Stamina Coffee

I'm Stamina CoffeeDid you know that worldwide, we drink over 500 billion cups of coffee a year? Not only does coffee provide a great pick-me-up each morning, but many health benefits are associated with this popular beverage. However, not all coffee is created equally.

We know a lot of you drink coffee, and wouldn’t feel right if we didn’t provide you with a healthy alternative. Non-organic, non-GMO coffee is typically laden with pesticides and even mold. Are you grossed out yet? Have you ever wondered how your coffee is processed and stored? The reality is that’s most of the coffee out there—whether it be from the grocery store or your favorite coffee shop.

The Brand We Recommend

What if we told you there was a coffee that gave you more energy, less jitters, no crash, and super-charged your everyday performance? This coffee exists, is also organic and good for you! The coffee that has Dr. Baku’s absolute approval is called I’m Stamina Coffee.

This coffee comes from a company that a genius and great friend of Dr. Baku owns. “I trust this coffee a lot. My friend’s name is Dr. Noah Moos in Austin, Texas. His company is The Human Nutrition Project. He’s a biochemistry guru and an athlete. This guy makes products that simply allow our bodies to run at their most optimal potential,” said Dr. Baku.

Infused With Mushrooms

I’m Stamina Coffee is infused with reishi and cordyceps mushrooms. Reishi is commonly known as the herb of vitality in Chinese medicine. It has the following benefits:

  • Improves longevity, liver and kidney function
  • Decreases fatigue
  • Reduces caffeine sensitivity
  • Detoxes chemicals
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Is a known antimicrobial

Cordyceps helps improve endurance and oxygen delivery to all the cells in your body. These are some pretty amazing mushrooms. Don’t worry; they’re the legal, non-hallucinogenic mushrooms.

All kidding aside, this is truly, healthy coffee. No, it does not taste like mushrooms at all. It’s actually very tasty. Dr. Baku has had a lot of self-proclaimed “coffee snobs” tell him it tastes like good coffee. Please be sure to ask for a sample the next time you’re in, or consider buying a bag at the office.

Be on the lookout for Part 6 in our Wellness series!

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