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Part 1 - Discover the Amazing Health Benefits of Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha Supreme dietary supplementWould you like to subtract stress and feel fantastic? Dr. Baku would like to introduce to our crown jewel supplement that can help do that and so much more. It’s called Ashwagandha. Here’s a list of the top benefits this herb has to offer directly quoted from Supreme Nutrition Products:

“It is most well known to decrease fatigue [1], allow you to handle stress more effectively, increase strength and stamina, increase libido, improve memory and clarity [2], and produce restful sleep when needed [3]. The various conditions it has been used for include arthritis (it is anti-inflammatory) [4, 5], chronic lung condition, [6] immune deficiency [7], hypertension [8], autoimmune problems [9], hypothyroidism [10], and many others.”

It also helps improve liver function and increase superoxide dismutase, catalase, and glutathione. These are your body’s most powerful antioxidants.

Dr. Baku particularly loves Supreme Nutrition Products because they make a superior supplement. “I always know I’m getting a potent, effective supplement that comes from a sustainable, organic source with this company,” he said. Dr. Baku has had patients bring him Ashwagandha from reputable brands, and they never seem to work like the Ashwagandha from Supreme Nutrition Products.

Dr. Baku’s Experience With Ashwagandha

For the past eight years, Dr. Baku has been taking Ashwagandha the majority of the time. He uses it for stress, energy, focus and concentration, and for chronic low back pain (chronic no more!). “I’ve suffered from multiple low back injuries in the past from weight lifting and soccer. I also had a severe fall while snowboarding that left me with sciatica for six months straight.”

The Toll That Cortisol Takes

The reason the herb has kept Dr. Baku out of pain is he tends to suffer from weak ligaments in his body if he experiences stress for any length of time. In everyone’s body, the hormone cortisol is produced when we experience stress. Cortisol eats away at our ligaments and makes them weak.

A patient may come in with pain and say, ”I don’t know why I’m hurting, I didn’t even do anything!” Most, if not all, of this, in Dr. Baku’s professional experience, is due to weak ligaments from chronic cortisol production (as a result of stress).

Stress can come in the form of constant, chronic small stress we experience daily. Some examples include traffic, work, and home issues, money, and others. Big types of stress include deaths in the family, divorce, car accidents, buying a home, weddings, etc. The body will always release cortisol because of an in-born response to stress.

Unfortunately, it’s the same, primitive stress response we would have if we had to run away from a lion trying to eat us. Your brain and body can’t tell the difference between running away from a lion or worrying about a presentation that you have to prepare for the next day. The parasympathetic or healing part of the nervous system shuts off when we turn on the sympathetic (crisis) nervous system. The healing nervous system controls digestion. We can’t be in crisis and healing at the same time.

How to Take Ashwagandha

For those of you already taking Ashwagandha, Dr. Baku advises you to continue taking it. “I always suggest finishing the whole bottle and re-testing, using the muscle test, once you’re done. If your body still wants it, we’ll keep it going,” he said. Dr. Baku does recommend taking a 5-7 day break in between bottles as herbals can lose potency if we don’t give them a rest.

If you’re not taking Ashwagandha, Dr. Baku recommends doing a muscle test to find out if it would be helpful for you.

In his opinion, taking a supplement, like Ashwagandha, is much more important than taking something like a multivitamin. “I recommend we take things that speak to our weaknesses (stress, immune system, digestion) instead,” he added.

Make Deposits in Your Health Account

You can combat stress by depositing even more back into our health accounts with supplements like Ashwagandha. Here are some other things that ”deposit” into our health accounts:

Be on the lookout for Part 2 in this Wellness series!

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